Our Product

What is Vulcan Digital Pathology ?

Vulcan Digital Pathology is a full stack solution to address both Pharma and Clinical diagnostic markets. It is one piece of hardware with multiple modules for each type of workload.  It is the only complete solution that offers you image acquisition, databases, user management, analysis and reporting tools in one compact package.

Are you a R&D Lab, Clinical Lab, Hospital Chain or Medical Education Institution looking for a state of the art digital pathology solution?

Why choose Vulcan Pathology System ?

Supports Histopathology, Haematology, Cytology and Microbiology.

Imaging Hardware, Control Centre, Analytics, Image Management, Reporting Utilities.

Simultaneous RGB & Spectral Image of the scene.

Analysis suite for custom algorithm development.

No change in standard operating procedures for specimen preparation.

Whole slide image in under 3 minutes (15×15 mm tissue section @ 20x).